The Origin of Grenlin

     Grenlin is a little green dragon who lives on a cloud. He flew away from home when he first grew his wings because his mother wouldn’t play with him, and he was bored and looking for adventure. He made his home on a puffy white cloud in the middle of a beautiful blue summer sky, and since then has happily drifted through the world. On his travels, he has procured a garden-full of dangerous yet delightful magical plants, which he tends with the utmost care and affection, despite the fact that some of them are carnivorous. He also regularly remodels his cloud palace, keeping up with the latest fashions. Gone is the medieval castle with flying buttresses; now he has a three-hundred-room mansion complete with ballroom, indoor swimming pool, and banqueting hall. Not to mention his own personal skyscraper.

     Grenlin has very good eyesight, and can see everything going on in the world below his puffy cloud. He carefully studies the achievements of humanity from on high, occasionally teleporting things up to his cloud palace for closer inspection. He is a very polite little dragon, so he always returns everything to right where it used to be. If you’ve ever thought you lost something but then found it again, Grenlin probably just borrowed it from you for a time.

     Once upon a time, a bored child, trapped by reality, stared up at the clouds and dreamed that Grenlin was up there in the sky, watching her. She was always losing or forgetting things, then suddenly finding or remembering them, but since she was also a very polite little child, she was happy to share. Staring up at those perfect puffy clouds, she knew that somewhere there was a whole new world of magic and mystery, action and adventure, just for her. She would keep dreaming until she found it.

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